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Hi everyone,

I'm a French-canadian, next year i'll be in German Studies at Université de Montreal, Québec province, Canada. I shoot with nikon D70, i got the kit lens 18-70, a 50mm 1.8 mm and THE 70-200mm 2.8 VR IF ED. Here is my link, thanks for comment, not in german for now, i only start studies in german this summer.

Nicolas Rondeau


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Hi there to Canada. Welcome to this Nikon-comunity. You have some very nice photos on your website, congratulations. Feel free to contact us if there are any questions. English is no problem, but unfortunately I do not speak any French.


Hi Nicolas,

welcome to this forum, hope you'll enjoy yourself. You are wrong considering the start of you studying German, you started studying by joining this forum.

Hier noch einmal auf Deutsch, zum üben für Dich:

Moin Nicolas,

willkommen in diesem Forum, ich hoffe dass Du hier eine Menge Spaß haben wirst. Du irrst Dich hinsichtlich Deines Studienbeginns, Du hast bereits in dem Moment angefangen, in dem Du diesem Forum beigetreten bist.


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Holá Nicolas!

Bonjour et bienvenu ici!

Ca ne fait rien, si tu ne parle pas l´allemand trés exact - il faut essayer quand même.
La grammaire est difficile, mais pour commencer, ca va aussi sans (comme mois-même).
Salutation de Hamburg!
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