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klaus harms

Phil hat die Nikon Coolpix 7900 getestet:

Conclusion - Pros:

Very compact and pocketable
Beautifully built and all-metal construction
Good resolution and good edge-to-edge consistency
Excellent natural color and exposure - very few blown highlights
Manual (custom) white balance
Fast focus and very responsive performance overall
High performance movie mode with electronic VR
Good ISO 400 performance
Pretty fast operation
Huge range of 'hand-holding' features for the novice
Best Shot Selector
Well thought out controls and excellent handling
Easy to use - once you're familiar with the huge feature set
AF illuminator (though see below)
Great macro performance
Very little purple fringing and well controlled distortion
In-Camera Red-Eye Fix really works
D-Lighting function
Well priced

Conclusion - Cons:

Images soft (though they respond well to unsharp masking)
Very poor low light focus - even with the new AF illuminator
Some focus errors at the long end of the zoom even in good light
Low ISO results relatively noisy using default settings
Finest quality JPEG is still quite heavily compressed
Red-eye mode means 6 second shot-to-shot time
Too many button presses to change basic settings - presumably to avoid accidents
No exposure information on-screen
No control over shutter speeds or apertures
Only two aperture settings

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