Manfrotto presents: Nitrotech Fluid videohead


A revolutionary video head with a nitrogen-powered piston core which allows you to continuously counterbalance your gear.

High tech-tripod head with infinitely variable counterweight

Manfrotto präsentiert: Nitrotech Fluid Videokopf

– Innovative Nitrogen technology for exact counter balance of 0 to 8 kg
– Swing variably adjustable damping on two axes (and inclining)
– Quick change unity with Gleitplatte and additional protection
– Easy-left connection with anti-rotation thread for external monitor or other accessories
– Manfrotto quality – high-quality processing and revolutionary design

The Italian premium manufacturer Manfrotto, leading in the areas of Accessories for photo and video, announces the market launch of the Nitrotech N8 of Fluid-videohead. The revolutionary tripod head for professional and ambitious filmmakers offers for the first time the possibility of an infinitely variable counterweight (counter balance) of 0 to 8 kg. This permits exact settings for a big range of different camera configurations and therefore the exact control of the camera movement. The Nitrotech N8 Fluid-videohead is presented on the show NAB in Las Vegas (from the 22nd to the 27th of April) for the first time to the wide public and is available at the same time worldwide in trade.

Manfrotto präsentiert: Nitrotech Fluid Videokopf

New: counterbalance-system

The heart of the new Fluid-videohead is the Nitrotech damper whose unique geometry allows a counterweight at the highest professional level – namely for heavy video cameras (to 8 kg) as well as for light system cameras without mirror (approx. 500 g) for the first time in this tripod head-class. By the exact adjustable counter balance the camera with absolute exactness can be bent and remains precisely in the desired position. This was possible up to now only with substantially more expensive high-end videoheads.

The friction damping is regulated on both axes (Turn and inclining) apart, so that also demanding camera movements can be realised in the required speed. In the combination with the Nitrotech-counter balance a boundless variety of creative admission possibilities presents itself to the filmmaker.


Manfrotto präsentiert: Nitrotech Fluid Videokopf

Comfortable equipment

The Nitrotech Fluid-videohead disposes of a quick change unity with double protection which permits the comfortable decreasing of the camera upwards (top release). Besides, quick counterbalancing of the equipment allows the long Gleitplatte.

Over an easy-left connection with anti-rotation thread other accessories, as for example external monitor or LED lights can be fastened about Manfrotto friction arms. The level base disposes about 3 / 8-inch thread about which the head on the most different tripod and holds systems (e.g., Slider, crane) can be used.


Manfrotto präsentiert: Nitrotech Fluid Videokopf

Quality „Made in Italy“

Like all Manfrotto of premium products Fluid-videohead distinguishes itself of the Nitrotech beside his innovative functionality also by his pointing the way, robust design. The construction was consciously openly formed and is astonishingly light in spite of the special damping system and the high load of 8 kg (2.2 kg). The head is made in the Manfrotto work in the North-Italian Feltre.

Manfrotto präsentiert: Nitrotech Fluid Videokopf

Price and availability

The Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 Fluid-videohead is available individually at a price of 499 euros (UVP) from now on as well as in four tripod sets from the middle of April or at the end of May in trade as well as under

Pictures and texts with friendly approval of Manfrotto.