How to Enhance a Portrait in Under One Minute || Luminar 4

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04. Mai 2020 um 17:45
Erstellt von Klaus Harms
Get and enjoy Luminar 4:

Editing portraits is challenging and demands attention to details. With Luminar 4, you can easily fix any imperfections and enhance your model's look, in just a few minutes. Luminar 4's AI technology detects and improves imperfections, without any need for masks and layers. Make your model look the way they feel!

Here's how to do it in Luminar:

1. Navigate to the Portrait tab and find the AI Skin Enhancer filter, tick the AI Skin Defects Removal and see how it removes pimples and other small skin defects.

2. In Portrait Enhancer you can find a lot of sliders, that easily enhance your portrait. Experiment with such sliders as Eye Enhancer, Dark Circles Removal, Eye Whitening, Eyebrow Improve and Enlarge Eyes to create the effect you want.

3. To give a finishing touch, Choose Color Styles (LUT) in the Creative tab. Here you'll find a lot of LUTs organized by category that can give your portrait a unique feel. Fine-tune the adjustment to your liking and you're done.

With Luminar 4, elevating your portrait is quick and easy. Download Luminar right away and try it out for yourself.

Happy creating!
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