CAMSLINGER Outdoor Camera Bag

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04. Mai 2020 um 13:26
Erstellt von Klaus Harms
The CAMSLINGER Outdoor is the fastest camera bag in the world and now offers this speed especially for outdoor active photographers who like hiking, climbing, biking, riding or travelling. A CAMSLINGER is super fast, super safe and super comfortable. You can wear it easily at the hip or over the shoulder.

Even better in the second generation: the collected user feedback was the basis for the development of the MK II. As a result, zipper pullers with a better grip, a stronger safety rubber and, as the biggest innovation, an additional zipper flap were introduced. The additional flap, which closes the interior completely with a zipper, offers additional protection. For example, when riding a motorcycle or climbing.

The CAMSLINGER Outdoor was consistently developed for fast, one-handed access. The quick access, the comfortable carrying method and protection against rain and shocks make the CAMSLINGER Outdoor the perfect bag for the day in nature. Just pack in what you need for a day - a camera, one or two lenses, batteries - and off to nature.

Thanks to Anna Tenne, Stephan Wiesner and Dave Kai-Piper for their awesome photos :D
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