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viewRAW is program for fast and easy viewing digital camera RAW files.

viewRAW is not meant to be conversion software for digital RAW format to other formats, although you can save images as jpg.

I made this software to show NEF files from Nikon D100 to some friends. I would use Nikon View, but it is too slow on my computer. My task was to speed up converting NEF files. I choose speed over quality.
From version 1.07 there is also better image Quality setting. It is slower, but image quality is better. (for those with faster computer)

From version 1.08 you can also view JPEG files.

Supported file formats:
Nikon D100 NEF uncompressed & compressed,
Nikon D70 NEF compressed,
Nikon D2H NEF uncompressed & compressed,
Nikon D1 NEF uncompressed
Nikon D1X NEF uncompressed

Other Nikon NEF files (different model or compression) may work. They are not tested.
Ask for other camera models.

viewRAW is provided as freeware/shareware.

For home users.
It is freeware for uncommercial home users. (If you want, you can still register viewRAW)

For other users.
If you find viewRAW useful and you are continuing to use it after a trial period of 120 days, you must make a registration payment to the author.

As viewRAW is fully functional even when unregistered, you will not need to do anything after you have registered it. You will receive registration file, and your name will be displayed in About viewRAW dialog.

Registered users will be informed via email when a future updates of viewRAW are released.

Registering program means new versions.

If you want to register viewRAW send $10 US or EUR 10 to



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Hallo and a happy new jaer,

i have downloaded the viewRaw and i must say, it is realy great.
It is the fastest picture program i have ever seen. I will test it the next
days and give yoo a short statement abuot my impressions.

Thank you for this realy excellent viewer.

Best wishes



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Cool finde ich an dem Programm, dass man die Exif-Daten so angezeigt bekommt, wie man sie im Display an der Kamera sieht - gute Idee...

Sorry, dass ich auf Deutsch schreibe :lach: :lach: :lach:
Oben Unten