Lightroom Angebot bis 23.Mai


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... bis zum 23. Mai gibt's Lightroom Classic + Photoshop als Angebot für 9,90€ (statt 11,89€ )



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ADOBE hat seine Preise nicht geaendert.
Wer des Englischen maechtig ist kann hier einen Kommentar von Victoria der Lightroom Queen lesen.
Viel Sturm im Wasserglas also.

The Photography Plan prices have NOT changed
There were some reports that Adobe was doubling the price of its Photoshop & Lightroom plan, from $9.99 a month to $19.99.

Did you receive an email direct from Adobe, saying they were doubling your price? Or did they take twice as much out of your bank account? No, because it wasn't true. It was just a bunch of websites spreading misinformation and making people panic.

Adobe was testing whether new customers would sign up for the $19.99 1TB plan if the $9.99 20GB plan wasn't easily available.
It's a form of market testing and practically every company does it because they're incapable of mind reading.
Supermarkets rearrange their shelves regularly for the same reason.
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