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John's September through November 2004 Nikon SLR Predictions

Wacky? Maybe ... Print this page and save it 'till December. We'll look back and see how close I came.

Nikon D3 - All new DSLR body, full frame, 15 Megapixels. Nikon's new flagship camera will level the premium side of the DSLR playing field with Canon and Kodak Professional's full-frame offerings.

Nikon F6 - All new 35mm film body based on the D3 Digital SLR. This time their top-end film camera will be be based on their top-end Digital SLR instead of vice-versa.

Nikon D200 - 8.25 Megapixel camera officially will replace the D100. 5 FPS, 1/500th flash synch speed, equipped with Nikon's D1X-proven Multi-CAM1300 autofocus module 5 point AF sensor, 24 frame Jpeg buffer.

Nikon D2HS - An improved D2H with an all new (different) 4.1 Megapixel sensor. Stunning high ISO quality up to ISO 3200 plus more performance enhancements.

Nikon D2X - An 8.2 Megapixel version of the D2HS. Double the D2HS horizontal pixel count, much like the D1X sensor was set up compared to the D1/D1H. Aimed squarely at Canon's 1D MkII.

Nikon D2H hardware upgrade - Much like Kodak Professional did with its original DCS Pro14n, Nikon will offer an opportunity (at a price) for existing D2H owners to upgrade their cameras to the improved D2HS sensor and performance features. Upgraded cameras will have a new badge added to the D2H logo to identify the upgrade.

Another Nikon D2H Firmware upgrade. For those who don't want to do the D2HS hardware upgrade, another firmware tweak to improve the D2H.

Nikon D70 - No changes. This camera is doing fantastic just as it is.

Quelle: http://www.lonestardigital.com/
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