[Gelöst] Thom Hogan's Gedanken zur Photokina und zur PMA

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Thom Hogan's Gedanken zur Photokina und zur PMA:

Photokina Predictions

It's almost time for the big announcements, so here's my guesses: D2x (12mp at 5fps, in-camera 2x crop function, all in a D2h body at a D1x price); F6 (film-only surprise); Coolpix 7400 (5400 body, 7mp sensor); 300mm/400mm f/2.8G VR AF-S lenses; another DX lens (most likely 17-55mm variable aperture or f/4); WT-2 (wireless 801.g for D2h/D2x); Coolwalker ships (~US$750); Capture 4.3 (support for D2x and 7400, perhaps a few new minor features). Oh yes, one other thing: the sensor in the D2x will be a major surprise.

PMA Predictions

Hey, PMA is still six months away (Feb 2005 in Florida), but you'll note a few things missing from my Photokina predictions: D100-replacement (likely called D90 and probably either 10 or 12mp); D50 (D70 sensor in simplified body); and the no-one-expects-this D3 (no details, though it's likely upgradeable in some form); Lens Heaven (multiple interesting new lenses announced either at PMA or later in the spring, some of which actually are on my list).

What's missing in the above? The FM3d, digital/film body, and an upgrade for the D2h. These things all seem to have fallen off the backchannel talk.

How do I know all these things? I don't. I just listen to the tea leaves very carefully and then throw darts at my ouiji board. There's a reason I label them predictions.

Original-Link hier: http://www.bythom.com/
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