The TRUTH about the Nikon D6

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13. Februar 2020 um 19:02
Erstellt von Klaus Harms
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Nikon’s $6,500 professional full-frame DSLR sports camera ( competes against the Canon 1DX Mark III and Sony a9 II…. but does it really? It’s WAY behind the competition, at only 14 FPS (compared to 16 and 20), 4k/30 with a 1.5X crop (compared to 4k/60 on the 1DX and 4k/30 on the a9, both without a crop). Overall, it really lacks in any innovation. It does, however, have an autofocus system that’s advertised as being better - but Nikon didn’t give the camera to a single independent reviewer, so we don’t yet know if it really is better.

Filmed with the Canon EOS R:
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