The Complete Guide to Autofocus on Nikon Z6 Nikon Z7 and Nikon Z50.

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25. März 2020 um 14:23
Erstellt von Klaus Harms
This video is designed to help you understand the Auto Focus system used in the Nikon Z7 Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z50 Could also be applied to the D780 in live view only.
It's a very long video so I have added time links below if you want to watch this video multiple times.

This video will cover

The different focus modes 02:25
Single point
Dynamic Mode
Wide area - S
Wide area - L
Auto area and subject tracking

Why the Autofocus Box does not go green 19:22

Example images taken before FW 3.0 20:44
Why I use the Autofocus modes I do for some of my photography.

Example images taken after FW 3.0 38:40
Most shots taken with Autoarea AF and some examples why I would need to change away from Autoarea.

Talk through the Custom settings Autofocus Menu 46:20
Talk through every option in the menu that can affect autofocus performance and how those options affect the camera.

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I certainly hope you found this video useful !

Thank you very much for watching

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