Nikon F Video Manual, Video 1 of 3

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03. August 2019 um 20:43
Erstellt von Klaus Harms
Nikon, in 1959, revolutionized the SLR industry and, writ large, professional and consumer photography. The Nikon F represented nothing short of a paradigm shift in photography and, to that end, is one of the most important camera designs ever released to market.

This video 1 presents a general camera overview. Video 2 presents an in-depth discussion of how to use the camera. Video 3 discusses the Photomic TN metering prism.

Link to Video 2:

Link to Video 3:

Video Index:
Skip the Intro: 0:07
Camera Overview: 0:46
Camera's History and Market: 2:11
Camera Features -- Top: 4:09
Camera Features -- Front: 6:56
Camera Features -- Back: 7:45
Camera Features -- Bottom: 8:10
Camera Features -- Inside: 9:02
Notes: 11:14
Camera Don'ts: 11:44
Begging for Plus Ones: 13:45
Closing Thoughts: 13:41


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