DxO PhotoLab 3: Featuring DxO Repair Tool / Raw Editing

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11. November 2019 um 21:03
Erstellt von Klaus Harms
Redesigned Repair Tool with a new Clone Mode

There will always be something in a photo you might want to erase, such as a bird, a person, or a piece of rubbish. DxO PhotoLab 3 can make them disappear with the redesigned Repair Tool, with big improvements to the ‘Repair’ mode and a brand new ‘Clone’ mode.
The Repair mode works as a retouching brush that samples pixels from one part of an image for you to use in an area you want to reconstruct or repair. It’s the perfect way to cover up unwanted objects and it adjusts pixels to match the color and lightness levels of the area you’re repairing. Areas can be manually selected and you can even use another image as your source.
The brand new Clone mode is the ideal way to replace areas of an image with an exact copy of another part of a photo. Opacity and Feather settings can be adjusted in both modes, making repairs look completely natural without harsh edges or visible transitions.

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