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e-book: Perform light in the studio

Light moulders are the tools for the full control: Only a “naked” flash still makes no professional illumination. The delivered light radiates unrestrained in all directions and hardly offers possibilities for the specific, creative application. […]


Ricoh Unveils Ultra-Compact PENTAX KP

Weatherproof DSLR: new standard for quality, customization and ease of use Heir to K-3 legacy, Slim-Body Camera Incorporates New Features and Controls Optimized to Deliver Outstanding Images, Even in the Most Challenging Conditions  First PENTAX […]

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New authorised Hensel service for Bavaria

SZ-Video-Elektronik-Service GmbH in Neutraubling Not only in the „case of the cases“ a good, quick and also reliable service partner is often of essential meaning. Only the knowledge about a competent contact nearby and the […]