The Cloud Is Becoming Intelligent


The Cloud Is Becoming Intelligent
27% of Germans use cloud services. And in Sweden it’s already 57 percent. Source: Eutostat/Statista 2018W

The cloud’s importance for data storage and processing will continue to rise in the next few years, according to PIV. Forrester Research expects an average annual growth rate of 22 percent for the overall market. A volume of $236 billion is forecast for 2020. This is not surprising considering the many benefits of professionally managed clouds, which are always up-to-date in terms of technology and data protection.

Two application areas play a prominent role in the imaging field: data management – allows the merging of images and videos from different sources, and device and location independent access – and imageprocessing services.

The latest trends and possibilities for these and many other imaging topics will be presented at photokina in Cologne (26 to 29 September 2018).

The Cloud Is Becoming Intelligent
Turnover from global public cloud services, each in billions of dollars * Forecast Forrester Research


  • The cloud is becoming multifunctional: in the future (image) data will not only be stored but can also be interpreted and transformed.
  • The cloud is becoming smart: Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides additional information (metadata) about images: the contents can be recognized automatically – especially in relation to the scene, location and people portrayed in the image.
  • Lower market entry barrier for the use of AI via the cloud: AI services can be rented easily from imaging companies via the cloud; costly in-house developments are no longer necessary.
  • Increase in value creation through AI: based on AI-data, imaging companies can create additional value, such as with the automated design of individual photo products.

The Cloud Is Becoming Intelligent


Intelligent additional services will provide a further obvious push for cloud services: AI currently represents just 1 percent of the cloud market, ACCA predicts a growth rate of 52 percent. As early as 2025, 10 percent of cloud revenue is expected to be generated by AI.

Experts predict an intensive market penetration, because the benefits for consumers are both evident and numerous.

Data protection concerns, reservations about AI and the lack of broadband deployment in Germany could delay development in this country.

The spread of the Internet of Things is expected to bring further growth momentum to the cloud.

Once quantum computers are available, a quantum leap in Artificial Intelligence is expected.

via: Photoindustrie-Verband PIV

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