Netzwerk Fotografie newsletter with the picture of the month


We did it and successfully rebuilt the new newsletter of the community and pimped it with interesting topics especially for you:

And the response to this first newsletter 2018 is downright stunning. Many thanks in this regard for the many positive emails and comments we have received! In addition to the layout, we have also crucially changed the content. From now on, the action, pictures, contributions and questions of our members are the focus of this newsletter and the following newsletters.

It is also new that we only use this letter to select and post the picture of a member to the “picture of the month” of the community EVERY month.

In the picture above you can see the topics of the first newsletter. And you can read the complete newsletter 01/2018 HERE online.

If you do not receive the newsletter yet, you can register for free at THIS LINK. or do this right here:

Please remember: we do not pass on all e-mail registrations to third parties in accordance with our strict guidelines and the rules of data protection!

And have a look at this, we give away regularly to all newsletter subscribers small prizes and gimmicks!

ATTENTION: If you have already registered for the newsletter in the last 2 days, you may want to do it again. It may be that due to a technical change in the list, the new registrations were not recorded correctly!

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Klaus Harms ist einer der drei Betreiber der Netzwerk Fotografie/Nikon-Community und arbeitet selber seit etlichen Jahren als Fotograf und Autor fotografischer Bücher