CP+ 2017: SIGMA and other info and news as ebook


Officially she will open the doors on the 23rd of February, 2017, the CP + in 2017 in Yokohama and presents her news from the photo branch up to the 26th of February.

But of course the first information throws quite big shades ahead. And we are natural, like you, tensely which new products there will be. We have presented during the last hours already once the new and innovative lenses of our partner SIGMA.

During the coming days we and in particular Anja will try to supply you with all the information which you will need to be able to take part very closely to this event. We summarise important and numerous new releases into dossiers to the CP + for you and offer them as downloads.

And we start of course with the new SIGMA lenses which we have summarised into this download for you and have described in detail.

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