Israel is the next stop of the #alphaddicted suitcase


Rock cathedral, dead sea and Tel Aviv

Israel ist der nächste Stopp des #alphaddicted Koffers

Professional photographer Steffen Böttcher takes over the #alphaddicted suitcase from Instagrammer Hannes baker and travels with him in biblical fields. About the turn of the year the “style pirate” Steffen Böttcher uses the equipment in the suitcase for unique pictures from Israel. About the Internet site everybody is able to do his way by Jerusalem und Co. follow and apply with his idea to move own project with it. In the suitcase cameras and objectives are Sony in the total value of more than 20,000 euros.

Hannes baker from the high north has brought pictures of a scenery of ice and snow. With dog sledge and #alphaddicted suitcase he was on the move some days in the polar circle. „Just with our longer tours there was every gramme which we left in the hut, gold worth“, remembers Hannes baker. „I was equipped with one the compact alpha 7 cameras and two objectives for the day tours very well and did not have to carry too much or infuse from the sledge dogs.“

Israel ist der nächste Stopp des #alphaddicted Koffers

#alphaddicted: from Lapland to Israel

Photographer Steffen Böttcher will not probably need sledge dogs, also as “a style pirate” famously, with his project. With se,ven to 16 degrees no summer weather rules though in the „holy town“. The views are still sunny. Beside Tel Aviv and Jerusalem some day trips stand on his programme. In addition to the cameras and objectives which are anyway in the #alphaddicted suitcase Steffen Böttcher has one more extra wish, however: „I will take, in addition, the RX1RII with on the trip. It is the most compact full format camera with which I have worked up to now. And thereby she gets me two determining advantages: I must not take with my raids a lot. Moreover, I can take photos much more unobtrusively.“ And just latter is extremely important in Israel. Still he will use certainly also the one or other from the suitcase.

Equipment to the value of more than 20,000 euros in the #alphaddicted Koffer

Around all photographers who take part in the project to give the possibility to hold on her pictures in the best possible quality Sony gives the highlights of the topical port folio with on the trip to the creative. Beside the alpha 7RII for photos and the alpha 7SII for videos in 4K resolution the participants take the new ActionCam from FDR-X3000 including underwater cases with in the luggage. In addition to the SEL70200GM all up to now available G of master objectives of Sony accompany with the SEL2470GM and the SEL85F14GM the photographers. The objective choice with the extremely light-strong wide-angle lens to SEL35F14Z and the standard objective to SEL55F14Z as well as the wide corner zoom SEL1635Z is complemented. To be able to take high-class photos also in the extreme tele-area, Sony sends both tele-converters SEL14TC (1.4x) and SEL20TC (2.0x) with on the trip. Several accumulators, memory maps, the external flash HVL-F60M, a battery clutch as well as the Power-Charger-Kit ACC-TRW round the all-round-carefree package. Including are also PHOREX by #jaworskyj ND, course and Polfilter.

Israel ist der nächste Stopp des #alphaddicted Koffers

To protect actually the best from the Sony port folio against environmental factors, all products in a Travel Case of B&W find Internationally place. And because all photographers fill her travel diaries via “Adobe Spark” under, Adobe is Germany also as a partner aboard. By now on the Landing page of Sony Germany and on Hannes of baker Instagram profile “hannes_becker” pictures and stories from Lapland are to be found. Steffen Böttcher’s photos follow shortly with #alphaddicted and under

#alphaddicted: Everybody can take part

Known professional photographers, filmmakers and creative will fly during the coming months with the suitcase in the most different areas of this world. The Sony highlights are also still available to amateur photographer. On the Internet everybody can apply with a creative idea and get the suitcase for maximum four weeks. Also is or her project it is introduced on all Sony canals. Besides, everybody becomes #alphaddicted photographers on the pictures attentive. There is further information all around the project and the conditions of participation here:

Pictures and texts with friendly approval from Sony.

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